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Library and free education

Introduction:       The library was founded in 1978. Now, it has a built-up area of ​​ 374 m2 on the second floor, adjacent to the Internet hall and opposite the building of the College Deanship. It has several sections such as: reading room 92 m2, a dedicated room for books and staff; another section for letters, thesis and researches; section of books lending In addition to the periodicals (journals, medical and pharmaceutical publications) as well as a section for indexing and classification and the department of receipt and supply. Finally it includes a section of CDs. So it provides all the needs of faculty members; undergraduate and postgraduate students from inside and outside the college.

The total contents of various types in the library have exceeded (11300) of diverse scientific source for all branches of the college, in addition to more than (500) periodicals scientific journals of various magazines and medical publications. This dynamic facility is diligent in providing the best services. The library follows the Global Medical Classification System (NLM)

A brief history of the library:    

The beginning of the establishment of the library was from a medical source by the Faculties of Medicine in / University of Baghdad, University of Mustansiriya and the University of Mosul, after that the scientific and medical books were purchased through the exhibitions that held in Baghdad and they were the latest editions needed by students; then, Books Buying Committees have been formed and they prepared books also from the relevant libraries in Baghdad. Recently, the university and the Deanship paid more attention by providing scientific; medical sources and the latest editions through exhibitions in Cairo as well as from Baghdad bookcase company and Erbil International exhibition along with the university exhibition. In addition, they communicate with other international organizations and they received books donated by various Arab and foreign sources. Hence, there has been a recognizable improvement in both scientific and medical level, and the proportion of valuable references has been increased and became available for both graduate and postgraduate students as well as for all faculty members.

As for (Free Education Unit)

The unit is responsible for providing the curriculum books to our dear students. In the beginning, the College started to provide reproduction books; then books became available with the latest and original editions, and in order to ensure that the books are conforms to the latest developments and scientific methods that used in the world especially in this year; the college was keen to provide books before an appropriate period from the beginning of the academic year. After the end of the academic year, the staff of the unit retrieves the textbooks from the students to organize and prepare them as needed for our dear students for the next academic year.

 اPeriod  Name
Supervisor -from 2008 till now Dr. Ahmed Adab Al – Zubaidi
    from 1978 to 1991 Mr. Farouk Haboubi
       from 1992 to 1994,

and from 2005 to 2010

Ms. Ahlam Abdul Zahra Omran
from 1994 to 1999 Ms. Laila Haddawi
from 2000 to 2005 Ms. Nahla Alwan
2011 -2012 Ms. Zeinab Abdel-Karim
2012 -2015 Mr. Ali Reza Ali
from 16/10/2015 and so far Ms. Zeinab Abdel-Karim

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