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Dean’s word


The speech of the Dean

The Faculty of  Medicine, which  has a deep historical  heritage and is considered the heir to the glory of the authentic Kufa Islamic school, which extends to more than fourteen centuries, from which the ray of  science and knowledge has spread east and west, is keen and accompanied by permission and care of God  to provide medical knowledge with all humility at the hands of skilled experts to those who attend graduate and post graduate studies and  those who enrolled In          Kufa Training Center/ Iraqi Council for Medical Specializations.

The vision of our Faculty is in its continuous quest to be a school of medicine that is the leader in the country, region and perhaps the world and not much to dream about it nor wonder because it incubated in its depths, Imam Ali, the Gate to the sciences city of the Messenger of Allah( peace upon them ).

The faculty sought to develop its curriculum and followed the learning system by solving the problem as a model to be congratulated by medical education experts and it was a joyous thing  that followed by a question which is, when will we see this model in learning as it goes into  existence ?

Then the integrated table among the departments in one stage, which tried to gather what are scattered  after a long separation came, in order to relieve students from the difficulty of gathering scattered knowledge papers. This situation has burdened our students for many years. So the integrated program came as a bold step towards approaching the course system. Thus, the specialized conferences, where the branch of dermatology was the forerunner followed by heart disease , Chest surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and others have been formed and they were the sources of light that illuminated the path of others, that is why it is necessary to gather specialists in a one hall for dialogue, consultation and exchange of knowledge and experiences. The success of each conference is an evidence of the keenness of the specialists and it reflects the extent of brotherly cooperation between them.

The Faculty of Medicine has realized that the evaluation through exams is an important way of changing the reality and way of  learning. So when the method of asking the students about a specific case in all branches, including the basic sciences, was used, the students answered with satisfaction and they confirmed that such a pattern would make us competent doctors.

Finally and step by step, the Department of General Surgery has succeeded in applying an objective examination, known as the OSCE which characterized by Justice and non-discrimination, hence, Reality has changed little by little.