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Participation of a professor in writing a book

Assis. Prof. Raed Muhammad Kadhim, a lecturer from department of Physiology, co-authored a book entitled (Digital Mammography: A Holistic Approach) with a group of researchers from different countries of the world. The contribution of Dr. Kadhim was to author two chapters of the book, which was published by accredited international …

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Fourth year student in Kufa medical faculty corrects six scientific errors in a medical textbook

Mustafa Haider Kadhum, fourth year student at the faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa, , discovered six scientific errors in methodological medical source used in Iraqi medical faculties, Davidson’s Principle and Practice of Medicine. Mustafa said ” The scientific errors were divided into four chapters within the textbook, it …

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A Conclusion of the course of medical ethics

The Medical Education Unit of our College organized a course which named (Dialogue and Medical Ethics).The Assistant Professor Bassim Al-Mudhaffar, one of the talkers, said that a number of specialists from both medical and health sectors of Najaf Health Directorate have participated in this course, the course included some talks …

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An annual ceremony to honor the assistant professors who received the title of professors in addition to the first graded students

Through its ongoing activities, our faculty has arranged a ceremony to honor the lecturers who received the title of “professors” and the elite students who had classified as the first graded student as well. The ceremony highlighted the special presence of Al-Najaf Governor Mr. Luaay al-Yasiri, the Rector of Kufa …

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