Statement of the chairman of the department
The department of biochemistry is a principal basic discipline in the college of medicine, participates in the graduation of well-qualified physicians that could work in health institutions, providing public medical services, and have been engaged in solving health problems. It also educates professionals in the various fields of biochemistry through the postgraduate studies which comprised of MSc and PhD programs. Faculty members of the department are engaged in the research activity that pursue to solve public health problems. We are aspiring to implement the academic plans in the association with worldwide rapid development of biochemistry.

Our efforts are dedicated to understand the molecular basis of the life and to disseminate the knowledge of biochemical aspects facilitates the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the diseases.

The innovative engagement in the health problem-solving and improvement of the our society quality of life.

1- To provide a condensed curriculum of the basic biochemistry for 1st year students in order to understand the cellular molecular basis.
2- To support 2nd year students with knowledge, skills and opportunities to realize metabolic pathways in a human being.
3-To guide the students in the acquiring, and integrating the knowledge of metabolic pathways to perceive the relevant metabolic disorders.
4-To encourage the students to integrate their knowledge to identify, analyze and solve clinically-relevant problems.
5-To educate the professionals with MSc and PhD degrees to be able to serve in health and academic institutions.
6-To facilitate the research activity of the faculty in particular those involved in public health care.
7-To participate in the programs of health problem-solving of the society.

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