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A board research Viva

A board research Viva A discussion took place in the Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa, Ibtihal Rahim Issa, one of the students of Iraqi Council for Medical Specialization, in the specialty of dermatology and syphilis tagged her research as (skin diseases among elderly patients who frequently visit dermatological clinic in the city of Najaf: a cross-sectional study). The study, which was conducted with the aim of evaluating the frequency and pattern of skin diseases among the elderly population, included the participation of 500 elderly patients, with an average age of 68.5 years. The results showed that 125 (25%) of the sample had infectious skin diseases, 86 (17.2%) had dermatitis and eczema, 59 (11.8%) had itching, 56 (11.2%) had precancerous skin conditions, 48 (9.6%) had papular and squamous disease, 26 (5.2%) had benign tumors and cysts, 22 (4.4%) had skin diseases of the nails, 14 (2.8%) had urticarial cutaneous reaction, 12 (2.4%) had vesicular diseases, 12 (2.4%) had pigmentary diseases, 6 (1.2%) had calluses disease Cutaneous connective tissue, 4 (0.8%) had metabolic, genetic, and systemic diseases, 3 (0.6%) had psychodermatological diseases, 3 (0.6%) had vascular inflammatory diseases, and 24 (4.8%) had other diseases. The study concluded that infectious diseases constituted the largest percentage among elderly patients present in the dermatology clinic, and herpes zoster was the most common type of viral infection in the studied sample.

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