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Participation in a scientific symposium

Assist. Prof. Habib Shuhaib Al-Hassani, the academic staff member at Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa, and the Director of Hearing and Speech Unit at Al-Furat Al-Awsat Teaching Hospital, participated in a scientific symposium entitled “Audio Health in Al-Najaf” which was held by the Non-communicable Diseases Division in the Public Health Department of Najaf Health Directorate. The participation came as a lecture delivered by Shuhaib entitled (Methods of Advancing the Reality of Hearing Health in Najaf Governorate). Through this lecture, Shuhaib stressed the importance of integrating health services provided at the level of primary health care and at the level of specialized hospitals. This step comes within the joint cooperation between Faculty of Medicine and Najaf Health Directorate in order to improve health services provided to citizens.

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