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Experimental Assessment Exam

Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa conducted the electronic experimental assessment exam for students of sixth stage, which was hosted in the halls of the faculty, in addition to the halls of the Information Research and Rehabilitation Center at the university. This exam was under the supervision of the Dean of faculty, Prof. Raid Mohammed Ridha Umran, the Scientific Assistant Prof. Abdul Amir Aboudi, a number of professors and Heads of departments. The exam was taken by 135 male and female students distributed in 5 halls. Prof. Umran, said that this standardized exam for Iraqi medical faculties was conducted for the purpose of raising the scientific level in terms of scientific sobriety for medical students in Iraq. For his part, prof. Aboudi, confirmed that this exam was based on the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the sake of equality in the outputs of medical faculties, which formed specialized committees in each faculty to develop standardized questions and submit them to the electronic system by the ministerial committee in charge. The standardized questions included One hundred questions, including basic clinical sciences of surgery, internal medicine, and gynecology. He added that a comprehensive electronic exam will be conducted after the final exams for students of sixth stage, and a basic degree will be allocated to it for the purpose of success.

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