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Discussing the research of the Iraqi board students

The Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa discussed a number of researches by students of the Iraqi Board of Family Medicine, at Kufa Training Center for Family and Community Medicine, which was held at the halls of the department.  The researches dealt with several topics, for example, health problems related to family health such as  the extent of commitment of patients with type2 diabetes to treatment and the reasons for not adhering to it, in addition to the importance of awareness of pregnant women about iron deficiency anemia, then the extent of the orientations of sixth-stage students in medical colleges towards family medicine and the factors that affect their choice of it, such as the mental health specialty of health care providers during the Corona pandemic, and women’s awareness of family planning methods and the factors that affect the non-use of these means and other important topics. The discussion committees, which included professors from the medical colleges of Karbala, Qadisiyah and Kufa, praised the research topics and emphasized the importance of adopting their recommendations.


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