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Holding a scientific symposium

The E N T Division at Faculty of Medicine/ University of Kufa, in cooperation with the Hearing and Speech Unit at Al Furat Al Awsat Teaching Hospital and the Non-communicable Diseases Unit in the Public Health Department at Najaf Health Directorate, held an educational symposium on the occasion of World Hearing Day on Wednesday, March 8, 2022. The symposium took place in Clothing Factory in Najaf. The lecture which delivered by Assist Prof. Habib Shuhayeb was about the anatomy and physiology of the ear, the common diseases that afflict it, and the effect of noise on the inner ear. The lecture was followed by a discussion that included answering the questions of the attendees. This event comes from the belief of the Faculty of Medicine that the impact of educational institutions must reach the entire community so that educational institutions contribute to the development and advancement of society.

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