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Master’s thesis Viva

A master’s thesis was discussed  at Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa. Akram Fouad Abdel-Hadi , the student from department of Microbiology tagged his thesis as (Dissemination and Molecular Characterization of Extensively Drug –Resistant (XDR) Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Najaf Province). The aim of this study is to determine the spreading of XDR and antibiotic-resistant determinates among P. aeruginosa isolated from Najaf hospitals. 14 (63.1%) of the XDR isolates were categorized as carbapenem- resistant. Carbapenemase genes were detected in 13 (59.1%) isolates, with (40.9%) of these isolates encoding  OXA-50- type enzyme, 22.7% with NDM, and 4.5% with SPM-1. A combination of blaOXA-50 and blaNDM genes was observed in 2 isolates. Further, genes encoding  extended spectrum b- lactamases ( ESBLs) were detected in 21 (95.5%) of isolates. The blaOXA was the most existence gene (90.9%), followed by blaCTX-M( 59,1%) and blaPER(7.3%).The results show that  21 (95.5%) of the XDR isolates were resistant to one or more aminoglycoside antibiotics, but only three of these isolates harbored aminoglycoside resistance genes. Furthermore, 21 of the XDR isolates harbored class 1 integrons, intII gene.

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