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A master’s thesis Viva

A master’s thesis was discussed  at Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa. Zainab Hashem Mortadha a student from department of Pathology tagged her thesis as (Expression of MLH1 protein of the human DNA mismatch repair system in salivary gland tumors). The study aims to assess the deficiency in (MMR) proteins by determining the expression of MLH1 protein in salivary gland tumors by using immunohistochemical technology and to find out the extent to which this variable is related to the clinical pathogenesis factors. The results revealed that the percentage of loss of MLH1 expression protein was low in salivary gland tumors, where (6%) of cases were negative and (94%) of cases were positive and that there is no relationship between the loss of expression of this protein and the age and sex of the patient as well as the location, size and histological type of the tumor.

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