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Discussion for obtaining a higher diploma in ophthalmology

As part of the requirements for obtaining a higher diploma in ophthalmology; Mudhhar Ghani Abdullah, the student from department of ophthalmology at faculty of Medicine /University of Kufa discussed his thesis that tagged (Central macular thickness measurement in healthy eyes by three-dimensional optical coherence. A cross sectional study of ophthalmic clinic outpatient attendants). The study aimed to determine normative macular thickness values in healthy Iraqi adult subjects using the SD-OCT to evaluate correlations between macular thickness and age, gender and refractive errors. Besides, different cut-off points for abnormal retinal thickness are needed to properly evaluate macular conditions in each ethnic population. Moreover, high resolution and reproducible measurement of the macular thickness are needed for both medical and surgical management of macular diseases. So, the values of normal macular thickness in different patient populations is essential for evaluating, treating and following up of  patients with various ocular pathologies.

 The results of this study showed that :

–         The central foveal  thickness, mean macular thickness were 237.3+- 22.8um, 273.9 +- 16.2 um, respectively ; and the Iraqi males have thicker macular than females .

–         Central foveal  thickness was not associated with age.

–         The variables of age, sex are important factors that should be taken in consideration when interpreting the macular thickness measurement with SD OCT devise .




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