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The idea of the development of methods of medical education in the college is not the result of today , but is an episode of a series of continuous hard work aspires to graduate physician who has the skills of medical work to serve the community . Due to the development of basic medical sciences and clinical largely proceeded prestigious medical schools in the world to change theirold curricula to modern learning methods .Successful medical schools in the world tend to apply the modern medical education in different ways .it Hasproudly raised the ban of change since more than three years and established a unit for medical education which wasconducted by the CollegeDean and was responsible for the development of plans , programs and procedures to prepare for the changing approach to achieve the vision, mission and goals.


We want to be the pioneers of the Iraqi medical schools in modern medical education that combines tradition and modernity .


create a learning environment interactive centered on the student and the high quality depends on education to stimulate creativity , innovation and to support the complementary relationship between medical education ,to cope with modern medicine and the way to prepare competent doctors who are able to provide medical care and excellent health care for the community armed with morality, medical ethics and social values.


1 – Put the organizational structure that meets the needs ofManagement renewable and facilitates the process of cooperation between the sections, units , students and teaching staff to manage and supervise the curriculum courses and conduct examinations.

2 – Develop mechanisms to encourage faculty members to contribute fully to the development of the curriculum and keep up with all that is new in medical science to develop the curriculum.

3 – Provide opportunities to the faculty members for improving their teaching skills and further development.

4 – Preparing medical students to study and practice the medical profession for the duration of their lives efficiently.

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