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The head’s word:

As we are approaching 2013-2014 ,the hopeful goals and vision of our branch of microbiology and the ongoing effort of professors and employees of the branch , the guidance of Dean of the College and the presidency of the university to implement the scheme and our support of scientific activities at the level of preliminary studies and higher studies to be open to other relevant disciplines in college and other universities to achieve the needs of the community health , seeking and not forgetting the search for what is the best of ideas and developments and modern scientific techniques in the field of scientific research and teaching methods investors support of the college and university processing branch in all kinds of devices that we need to rebuild our country.

The Message

The Contribution of preparing competent doctors who are able to diagnose pathogens with a direct impact on the community and qualifying specialized researchers in microbiology.


Working on the development of microbiology through the use of recent methods of teaching and scientific research.

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