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Welcome to our site, the site of Histology and Anatomy department / Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa. The department is primarily a teaching and research department, their members conduct research in various fields. Our department is accountable for teaching gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy, embryology and molecular cell biology through integrated courses in Semester 2,3,4,5 and 6 for Years 1,2 and 3 curricula, and sporadically offers selective and special modules for other groups of students within the medical learning program. In our department, the anatomists offer a platform where anatomy is taught with emphasis on clinical applications in each course. We conduct through prosected cadavers, plastinated specimens, and Anatomage (digital body). The departments’ achievements and its own objective are to qualify doctors performing their humanitarian mission in the community. We welcome your suggestions and feedback for the development of our work to serve our beloved Iraq.


The dept. vision is for the medical students’ familiarity with basic information in the basic medical sciences, anatomy, microscopic anatomy, embryology and molecular cell biology through integrated courses as a cornerstone in Clinical Sciences understanding.


Preparation of competent doctors of science mentioned above for use in their medical future life.


The department aims at achieving its mission through the application of his vision for the teaching of Basic Medical Sciences for medical college students to graduate competent doctors who can perform their professional and humanitarian role in community.

Letter of Head of Department:

Anatomy and histology department had been founded in 1978 when the kufa college of medicine established.  The department had teaching responsibilities range from teaching gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy, embryology and molecular cell biology through integrated courses in Semester 2, 3,4,5 and 6 for Years 1,2 and 3 curricula by teaching staff of the department. Furthermore, anatomy is clinically oriented and now well integrated in several disciplines and thus the department is advanced in terms of our approach of teaching in the presence of decreased contact hours to accomplish the curricular need of more integration. We conduct through prosected cadavers, plastinated specimens, models, Anatomage (digital body). Our departmental has participated in teaching the pupils of other colleges such as pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and science colleges. Our department has three scientific laboratories.

1- Anatomy laboratory had been established in 1978 and the main aim was to teach the students of the second and first year college of medicine also the college of dentistry (Second stage), college of pharmacy (the first stage),and college of science (Pathological Analysis) as real cooperation with other colleges of university. The laboratory is provided with lectures hall that equipped with standard equipment.

1-Prosected cadavers.

2-Plastinated specimens.


4-Anatomage (digital body).

2-Labrotary of Histology consists of large lecture hall supplied with standard histology lab. Equipment and many different kinds of microscopes with histological slides of all tissues of the human body.

3- Molecular biology and genetics laboratory, this laboratory is established recently with  developed instruments and equipment that involved in molecular genetics and cell biology research.

Future plans:

The department seeks to achieve the following:

1 – Cooperating with other departments in teaching the academic vocabulary by the integrative principle.

2 – Establish a special workshop for making microscopic slides.

3- Open Post-Graduate studies of the Master’s and doctorate degrees in the relevant sciences.

4 – Establish the electronic microscope unit.

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