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Obstetrics and Gynecology

1-The Vision :

The Department’s vision is to make medical students well aware of the theoretical concepts of knowledge of gynecological diseases and complications of pregnancy, and have good practical experience in this field, in addition to qualifying them for the emergency and critical conditions in gynecology and obstetrics field.

2-Mission :

Preparing distinguished doctors in the field of obstetrical treatment and its complications and various gynecological diseases in the correct manner and corresponding to the scientific development taking place in this field as well as graduate students (postgraduate diploma) in Gynecology and Obstetrics

3-Objectives of the department :

1- Ensuring that the community is provided with a group of competent doctors who are distinguished scientifically and morally for the purpose of improving the health care of the society through training and teaching students in the preliminary and higher studies

2- working on the development of the scientific and practical skills of teachers and to communicate with all the latest developments in the field of education and health through participation in conferences, scientific and training courses inside and outside the country.

3-Train and develop the clinical and diagnostic skills for students in primary studies in gynaecological diseases

4- Train and develop the postgraduate students

5- Improve the research aspect of the students of primary and postgraduate studies

6-Communicate with Gynecology departments in other medical colleges and take part in exams of other colleges

7-Increase the research aspect of the department professors

4- Summary about department :
The Start of postgraduate study of the diploma of Obstetrics & Gynecology is at 1999. The staff of the doctors were members of the teaching staff of Iraqi medical specialization in gynecology and Obstetric & a centre was established in Al- Zahraa maternity and paediatrics teaching hospital which was also a centre of Arabic board of gynecology and obstetrics that was established at 2013. The department is dealing with the reproductive module and reproductive health.

5- A talk of the head of the department:
We as a head of the department and teaching staff are wishful to improve the scientific level of our students( under and postgraduate) through making our best to develop our faculty and health services and graduating competent doctors to serve our population as best as possible. We have not to forget the support of our dean Assistant professor Dr Mohammed S. Abdul-Alzahraa and the rectorship of Kufa University through encouraging scientific researchers and conferences to be aware of continuous updating.

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