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Head of Department:
The branch of pharmacology and therapeutics in the Faculty of Medicine is one of the vital and important branches. This section prepares the students of the third stage to understand the basic concepts of pharmacology and therapeutics with illustrative examples to understand these concepts as well as to develop graduates’ skills in solving clinical medical problems related to pharmacology and therapeutics.
The department’s vision is to make the students of the Faculty of Medicine aware of the theoretical knowledge and concepts about medicines and treatments, and have good practical experience in this field on the other hand, which qualifies them to use the medicines and describe them in the best way and enable them to specialize in this science in the future.
The message:
The preparation of distinguished doctors in the field of the use of medicines and treatments in the right and optimal manner, coupled with the scientific development taking place in this area as well as graduate students (Masters) in medicines and therapies.
The department aims to teach students in the third stage the scientific information and experiences related to drugs and treatments, which includes a wide knowledge of medicines, their classes, uses and mechanics, as well as their interactions with other drugs used by the patient at the same time, their complications and their effects on the various body organs. Therefore, during their practice in clinical branches, they have the enough knowledge for safe clinical practice. The branch provides courses and programs that qualify the student to obtain a bachelor’s degree in medicine and general surgery, which prepares graduates to serve the community. The department also provides a master’s as well as doctoral degrees in pharmacology and therapeutics.

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