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Fourth year student in Kufa medical faculty corrects six scientific errors in a medical textbook

Mustafa Haider Kadhum, fourth year student at the faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa, , discovered six scientific errors in methodological medical source used in Iraqi medical faculties, Davidson’s Principle and Practice of Medicine. Mustafa said ” The scientific errors were divided into four chapters within the textbook, it was as follows: cardiology, hepatology, rheumatology and nephrology), where the correction was made based on recent scientific research and the authors of the textbook review committee confirmed the mentioned corrections five months after the committee scientific guide of errors was mentioned”. On his part, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Raid Mohammed Ridha Umran, honored the student with a medal of Excellence, praising the great efforts of the student that indicate the distinction and creativity of the Iraqi student in all fields of sciences. It is worth noting that the faculty of medicine, the staff and students, are always strives to support the scientific teaching process and in different specializations in order to reach the highest scientific levels through researchs, studies, seminars and conferences sponsored by faculty of medicine.

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