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The Registration office in the Faculty of Medicine is one of the most important parts which have a close and direct touch with the student.
The office works to complete all the transactions of the students, those who continuing the study as well as the graduates, in terms of:
1- Registration of new students at the beginning of each academic year after receipt of the Central Admission Statement from the presidency of the university (in the form of paper lists or electronically through the SIS program) then, the Registration Office will include the names of new students in the database registration with Microsoft Excel system. Then, they sent the names with all data ( in the student follow-up program) to the university for the purpose of scrutiny
2- Planning lists of new students and those who transfer from other colleges to ours and all other channels of acceptance and make a reproduction of their documents for the purpose of audit with the Ministry.
3) Issuing administrative orders for new students in case of non-registration due to absence or failure … etc.
4) Tracking, answering and printing the administrative orders received from the Presidency of the University as well as from the scientific sections.
5) Promoting the amendment of the nomination, hosting and transportation transactions within Iraq and issuing administrative orders.
6) Issuing a statistic that includes the total number of the students, the numbers of the transferred and hosted students to and from our college; the accepted applicants and the rate of their nomination.
7) Providing the students with continuity, examination and treatment paper.
8) Printing documents including degrees, confirmations, and certified mural certificate in both Arabic and English language.
9) Working with the American Foundation ECFMG through a special electronic link. It concerns the graduates of medical colleges and this institution adopted by all university and medical centers in America, Canada and a number of other countries, where no applicant is admitted for the US license exam (USMLE) except through this institution .
10) Granting authenticity for all documents issued by our College to the donors.