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About the Physiology Laboratory(Medical Physics)

The Laboratory of Physiology department was founded within the faculty of Medicine/Kufa University in 1979. The lab vision includes making the graduates of the Faculty of Medicine aware of the basics of medical physics and physiology, which will prepare them in the future for specialization in those specialties and make them able to provide outstanding research in the field of tests for the service of society and active participation in scientific events inside and outside Iraq.
The laboratory is dedicated to training undergraduate medical students in the principles of medical physics and physiology and their applications in the medical field through the courses of Medical Physics (1st stage) and Physiological Measures (3rd stage). In regarding postgraduate students, the laboratory provides graduate students with a number of devices and techniques to complete the requirements of their research projects.

Department of Biochemistry/Lab

The Biochemistry lab seeks excellence and creativity in scientific research and problem solving at the national and international levels.
In an agreement with the mission of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kufa, the laboratory of the Biochemistry is committed to providing outstanding education to the basic skills of students of primary and higher studies to prepare doctors competent in solving medical problems and to promote the production of high quality scientific research with a distinguished international reputation to meet the country’s needs in the fields of scientific research and education Academic and high-level medical care. This is done by pursuing the following objectives:
1. Develop a high-quality research strategy in the field of biochemistry, to ensure that students of primary and higher studies of basic sciences in the Faculty of Medicine, Knowledge and Basic Laboratory Skills in Biochemistry.
2. Providing specialized consultations for the various faculties of the university in the field of biochemistry and enhancing research cooperation and problem solving at the national and international levels.

Advanced lab technique available in the lab
• DNA extraction
• PCR and Real-time PCR