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Reliable and guaranteed assurance

Reliability and Quality Assurance


   Discrimination in the performance and provide support for the development of the college and the continuous improvement of the educational process for the betterment of its objectives and access to global standards of   quality .


 Ensure high quality in all educational practices , research and administrative in college and through the maximum use of all possibilities and resources of the college and with the participation of all employees to secure the needs of the community and the requirements of the labor market , according to national standards .


  1. Working to ensure the quality of all activities of the college and private academic programs and scientific research.
  2. Promote a culture of quality in the college and enhance the quality procedures and mechanisms .
  3. Review and determine the strategy and mission of the college and the fundamental objective in light of developments to improve the quality of higher education.
  4. Compilation of the results of studies and internal audit , analysis and statement of strengths and weaknesses and make proposals to improve and develop the performance of the college.
  5. Provide support for academic programs to achieve the objectives of the College .
  6. Doing field visits to departments and units of the college.
  7. Preparation of job descriptions for all employees of the college according to their categories and identify training needs for the development of the functionality of the workers.
  8. Create a rule for employees of programs and degrees awarded by the college and the administrative units of the possibility of follow-up of the educational process .



COUNCILE OF  Quality Assurance council2013-2014


Dean of Faculty

Prof.Dr.Tahir.Yousif . Alwaily


Associate Dean for Administrative & Legal Affairs

Dr.Razzaq  Kurdi  Husain  Saad


Chairman of Department of Arab & Islamic Heritage

Dr.Hameed  Mustafa  Naji  AL-Yasiry


Head of Quality Assurance & Academic  Accreditation

MR. Ali. kudhayir. Abdulabbas

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