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With participation of a professor from the Kufa Medicine Faculty,Amedical team succeeds in treatment of spinal cord disease by transplanting stem cells

A medical team from the University of( Tarbia Muddarece) of higher medical sciences and the center of the( Seal of Prophets) of the University of Bahjati in Iran, with the participation of Prof. Dr. Haider Kazem Hassoun from the Faculty of Kufa Medicine and the Central Euphrates Center for Neuroscience, has succeeded  in treatment of spinal cord disease through the implantation of stem cells which composed the  nerve covers.The work has documented in a USA medical journal with a coefficient of influence 2 in scopes, it was the(Jougal of Neurosurgical scilences). This work can be considered as an advanced scientific achievement in the field of stem cell transplantation in the treatment of such humans diseases.

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