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College of Medicine discusses the program of personal and professional development and in attendance of a specialist doctor from the University of Sydney, Australia.

A seminar was held at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kufa during which the participants discussed the personal and professional development program. 

The seminar was held at the Imam Sadiq Hall in Kufa Medical College with the presence of the Dean of the College Dr. Mohammed Saeed Abdul Zahr and a collection of professors from all university faculties.  Dr. Basim AL-Ansari(from University of Sydney, Australia), delivered a number of topics related to the program including theories of learning and its role in the preparation of higher education curricula, as well as in building the personality of the university student to make him a lifelong learner, Al-Ansari also discussed the role of the personal and professional development program in developing the skills that contribute to the development of the student such as self-assessment, planning, time management, plus the building of the moral and professional side which it has a role in changing society as a whole. The seminar witnessed a number of discussions and exchange of views. The participants expressed their enthusiasm for the program. The seminar concluded that there will be future meetings and workshops for the university professors to deepen the understanding of the program and its application methods.

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