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The Faculty of Medicine holds a meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the symposium on the reduction of mothers and newborns mortality which scheduled for early February

This Symposium will be held on the second of February and in cooperation with Najaf Health Department. The meeting discussed the main topics of the symposium such as Operations section, Birth Hall; 

Emergency Lobby and the distribution of tasks and responsibilities to the members of the Committee to achieve the scientific feasibility and social benefit that desired from the symposium because of the importance of this topic which has a direct impact on the lives of citizens.   The meeting was attended by the General Director of Public Health Dr. Abdul Wahab Mohammed; Dr. Rafah Yassin  (mother and child care administrator in Najaf Health Department )and Dr. Hasan Al-Hatimi (the Director of Middle Euphrates Hospital) as well as Dr. Mohammad Saeed Abdul-Zahraa(the Dean of Kufa Medicine Faculty).

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