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Laser Research Unit at Kufa Medical College concludes its seventh training course on laser uses of dermatology and beauty

The concluded course was held in the laser research unit at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa, which lasted for fifteen days. The course included theoretical lectures on the mechanism and methods of using laser techniques for therapeutic skin treatment,

beautification and restoration of skin and epidermis, as well as providing slides for some injuries. The participants are trained in this course by using the equipment that used for laser treatment, which is already available in the unit. The unit's official, Assistant Professor Dr. Hadi Abdul Hadi said, "The course aims to develop the medical staff of dermatologists and the graduate students on the use of laser techniques and devices( theoretically and practically) which considered as one of the specialties and techniques of modern and advanced treatment” .  The course completed with a theoretical and practical examination for the participants. There were about sixteen participants who participated in this course, distributed among specialists doctors and postgraduate students included the provinces of Najaf, Baghdad and Babylon.

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