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- A lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Rahman Al – Janabi,gave a talk about the program of living with long - term situations.

Dr.  Al Janabi (the administrator of the program) delivered his talk about this program and the role of the facilitator of the tasks who works with the students in the program and he gave a preliminary explanation of the program . 

The meeting  held at the ( medical education hall) in the faculty and it witnessed a distinguished presence of a number of professors.  He focused on the aims of the program and its usefulness to the student, where he explained that the duration of the program is two years, including two lectures ,4 seminars and five visits to the patient with a detailed explanation of the first year of the program .At the end of the year, the student offers a reflection which would be explained through : Description - Feeling - evalution –conclusion- Action, and at the second year of the program, the student produces a( Dissertation)which  would be discussed . The attendees discussed the duties of the specialist supervisor towards the student in the program ; he  answered all their questions and queries about all the ambiguous points they have. Finally,A table showing the dates of the program during the next two years was presented.

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