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Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kufa celebrates the graduation of its second training course for Laparoscopic surgery

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kufa has celebrated the graduation of the trainiees on Laparoscopic surgery (second training course), which has been performed by number of specialized professors and supervied by Dr. Safa Al-Din Salem. According to Dr. Salem,

this course aims to improve the medical services that are provided to the patient, in addition to keep pace with the progressive development in this important field. The course included theoratical lectures and practical sessions to explain and improve the essential and advanced skills in the field of laparoscopic surgery. Salem added that the participants  were trained on laparoscopic abdominal procedures for patients with obesity and other conditions. Specialized surgens, obstetricians and gynecologists in the province of Najaf participated in this training course. At the end of the ceremony, certificates of participation were given to those who have passed the course successfully.



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