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Head’s word

   The department of medical physiology and physics is one of the most important basic science in medical college. It participates for the graduation of medical students to be the doctor of the future to do his important humanistic job in the community more over this department grow up the thinking process and research mind for the students.




The vision of the department isto make the students of the Faculty of Medicine familiar with the basics of physics, physiology and medical science in the future , which would entitle them to specialize in those specific terms of reference.




Preparation of competent doctors familiar with the science of Physiology and Medical Physics and keep pace with progress in international universities. As well as the graduation of graduate students for the Master 's and doctorate in medical physiology.



Aims at giving students experience, knowledge and information relevant to Physiology and Medical Physics , which includes full knowledge of aspects of the physiological functions of various body organs in preparation to see changes in thosefunctionswhen the disease occur, as well as everything related to the physics of the human body and which includes various systems in the human body in addition to the physical foundations of various devices and medical equipment.

The department  provides the decisions and programs entitles the student to get a bachelor's degree in general medicine and surgery , which qualifies graduates to work in the health sector and community service. 

In addition , the department awarded a master's degree and doctorate in medical physiology.



About the department:

The department was established at the beginning of the establishment of the college in 1977 when it was a subsidiary of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Mustansiriya..

teaching medical physics both in terms of the physics of the human body or with respect to the physics of medical devices for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment as well as the means taught that are the basis of the science of medicine , where in examining the physiology of the body of the second phase in the College of Medicine to meet the needs of the programs and courses offered by the branch it includes a laboratory for medical physics and physiology of another . It contains many of the laboratories &laboratory devices that allow students to some of the training received by theoretical info.within these courses. 

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