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About the Department

       The Department  of pediatrics is one of the leading clinical departments  in Kufa University School of Medicine where it was established in 1980, up to thirty years and was a fruitful scientific trip. Prepare physicians that have the ability to do their jobs professionally and graduating doctors qualified to work in hospitals and health centers , this was at the beginning of opening the branch and then evolved to prepare physicians competence in this section is important that needs to methods of teaching and training do not much like the rest of the branches of medicine and here a brief about the starts of the section;


Head’s word

 The department  in the Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa branches leading position in the university has been on its founding more than three decades during which the teaching branch great effort exerted to train to teach students of primary studies and higher in the field of pediatrics and today this section edifice scientifically referred to as stigmatized as trained and taught the students the initial study and students of Higher Diploma and the Council of Iraq and the Arab Council of Pediatrics involved teaching unit in all scientific activities at the university , college and scientific councils of Pediatrics offers Associates of the branch community service dedication and sincerity where they work in  Zahra educational advisory clinics and lounges and specialist clinics and specialized service centers for this dear country .





Staff Directory


1 - Dr . Fouad Al-Bahhash ,

2 - Dr . Talib Abd al - Jalil

3 - Dr . Jassim Mohammad Hashim

4 - Dr. Rajaa  Jabbar Kadhim

5  - Dr. Raed Mohammed Reda

6 -  Dr. Fares Mohammed Sentinel

7 - Dr. Bahaa Mohammad Hassan

8 -  Dr. Ayman Abdel- Azim crying

9 -  Dr. Jawad Kadhim plateaus

10 - Dr. Qasim Muhammad Hashim




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