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     We have  a training institution cognitive science seeks to rehabilitate students of the Faculty of Medicine in addition to the service society institutions through the establishment of courses and positive interaction in the transfer of expertise and communication with international standards in terms of education and the ability to apply knowledge and scientific research  , including contribution to the development of our beloved Iraq.

The message

     Qualifying students both junior and senior in the College of Medicine, University of Kufa, through the provision of scientific and practical expertise .


  1. Deepening the relationship between the Faculty of Medicine and the community through training courses and the development of information and knowledge.
  2.  The development of various skills for faculty members.
  3. Access to global knowledge and experiences in the field of medicine by sending a section of faculty members to get advanced degrees abroad ,training and attending conferences and seminars.
  4. Updating  scientific and technological developments by documenting the cultural and scientific links with local universities and international ones.


The  head’s word :

   My colleagues and I in the department of pathology  and forensic medicine would thank the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the presidency of the university  for preparing them this definition to all branches and sections of various colleges and would like to make it clear that our branch is interested in medicine , nursing and community health and health protection because of their role in raising human growth and social to maintain the structure of the population pyramid balanced and achieve safety preventive and curative for all segments of society . And we work on positive interaction and construction between the branch and other branches in the faculties of medicine of Iraqi and foreign through the exchange of experts and expertise and holding seminars and skills development and access on international experiences also working to develop a partnership with different sectors of society to meet the needs of the community.



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