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General Surgery

Head’s word:

The Faculty of Medicine is of great history more than fourteen centuries spread beam of science and knowledge , aiming at providing medical knowledge to all mankind at the hands of experts skilled to astronauts trough in undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Kufa, the training center of the Iraqi Council for Medical Specialties is on the top of the list. General Surgery is one of the main branches task in the Faculty of Medicine , which contributes to the efficient graduate doctor who seeks to serve the community in saving the lives of patients as the doctor's profession is distinct from the rest of the profession as a humanitarian interested in saving human lives. It Seeks to teach undergraduates the basic principles in general surgery and in all disciplines of surgical ( general surgery , orthopedic surgery , fractures , eye surgery and surgery of ear, nose and throat cardiothoracic surgery and vascular , neurosurgical , plastic surgery and cosmetic , diagnostic radiology , anesthesiology , pediatric surgery , gastrointestinal surgery , urology.

It also seeks to apply modern methods ( theoretical and clinical ) that are approved by established universities internationally and seeks to apply the international academic standards in the adoption of a system of questions and tests of theoretical and clinical testing system.


Preparation and qualifying Doctors to be able to serve the community and provide the best medical and health services for the citizen to work on to be a doctor who is conscious and aware of his responsibility and responsive to the needs of the patient to work on to be a doctor collaborator with colleagues , respected for his peers  to work on the development of clinical skills and gain knowledge to strengthen the ability to understand the psychological behavior and patient that help in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with enhanced ability to conduct experiments and scientific research in the medical sciences , clinical and basic approaches to provide high-quality medical education at the level of undergraduate  and postgraduate studies.

1 .Training skills development for clinical and diagnostic studies at initial surgical pathology.

2 . Training and development of surgical skills to graduate students

3 . Continue to discuss the idea of the development of new curriculum to keep pace with scientific development systematic .

4 . Communication with the surgical departments in other faculties of medicine .

5 .Activating the research professors at the department.

6 . Increase the scientific capacity of the professors section .

7 .Being up to date  in order to increase the capacity of the teachers to update and catch up with the latest developments .



Meet the requirements of the health sector in the preparation of competent doctors who are able to raise the level of health and working on the face of health problems for the general community and contribute to the security to provide high-quality health and communicate with the community to identify health needs and develop solutions to be adopted.

Preparation of competent doctors familiar with the knowledge of the surgery and keep up with developments in international universities , as well as the graduate students ( High Diploma andIraqi and Arab Board ) and the competence of general surgery and orthopedic surgery , fractures and eye surgery and surgery of ear, nose , throat and chest surgery , heart and vascular diagnostic radiology.


Vision :

The department looks forward to makea program for the preparation of a distinct quality Doctors who are able to work and compete at the national level and the regional and international levels , and this is an indication of the program in the community in terms of medical and prevention of diseases.

The vision is to make the students of the Faculty of Medicine familiar with the basics of general surgery and all its terms of reference in the future , which would entitle them to specialize in those exact terms of reference , as well as the treatment of patients in the corridors of the emergency when they graduate.

 It also includes the following specialties in surgery : -

• General Surgery

• Orthopedics and Traumatology

• Eye Surgery

• surgery , ear, nose and throat

• cardiothoracic surgery and vascular

• neurosurgical

• cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

• Diagnostic Radiology

• Anesthesia

• Pediatric Surgery

• Gastrointestinal Surgery

• Urinary Surgery

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