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Anatomy and Histology

Department of Anatomy and Histology

Head’s word :

Welcome to our site , the site of the Department of Anatomy and Histology / Faculty of Medicine / University of Kufa / , which contains general information for the definition of the department and its achievements and its own objective is to qualify  Doctors performing their humanitarian mission in the community . We welcome your suggestions and feedback for the development of our work  to serve our beloved Iraq .


Vision :

The dept. vision is  for the medical students’ familiarity with basic information in the basic medical sciences , in particular , including scientific anatomy and biology for the medical school the first stage and the science of anatomy , Histology and embryology of the second phase of the school as a cornerstone in Clinical Sciences understanding .



Preparation of competent doctors of science mentioned above for use in their medical future life .


The department aims at achieving  its mission through the application of his vision for the teaching of Basic Medical Sciences for medical college students to graduate competent doctors who can perform their professional and humanitarian role in community .

Future plans :

The department seeks to achieve the following:

1 – Cooperating with other departments in teaching the academic vocabulary by the integrative principle.

2 – Establish a special workshop for making microscopic slides .

3 - Open a Post-Graduate studies of the Master 's and doctorate degrees in the relevant  sciences.

4 – Establish the electronic  microscope unit.

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