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Community Medicine

Head’s word


      That branch of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine is one of the medical branches of the utmost importance to educate and train students methods of  Preventive Medicine ,Social andFamily Medicine , it is aiming at arming students and medical staff with information both theoretical and applied process in all aspects of preventive medicine because of this issue of paramount I mportance in predicting the disease and the prevention of risks before they occur and then study methods of control even after the occurrence . All universities around the world has given great importance to this branch of our university and also has a considerable support by the President of the University. 



    Community Medicine seeks to develop the scientific knowledge of theoretical and practical field when students of the Faculty of Medicine grow respect to aspects of preventive, curative and social and psychological diseases of common occurrence in our society of and our surroundings international and to prepare be a doctor who graduated from the undergraduate studies in our college armed well with this information and skills that will qualify them to take the role of leadership in the face of pathological lesions, psychological and social future. Also seeks to interaction with the community to increase awareness of public health at the community through health campaigns and organized field trips sponsored and conducted by professors of the branch.



The key elements of the message to the branch of Community Medicine,  is working to meet one of the most important objectives upon which the college depends which is the goal of rehabilitation of the student to be qualified academically and scientifically to cope with the requirements of society and family in particular.

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