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Dean’s Word

College of Medicine for fourteen-century legacy and the glory of deep-rooted Islamic historical Kufa School. This school spread knowledge east and west. College of Medicine, which is an extension to this school, is tenacious to humbly offer medical knowledge to BSc and MSc students and to those who join Kufa Training Center which is an affiliate of the Iraqi Council for Medical Specializations . The vision of the college is crystallized in the keen endeavor to establish a pioneering and leading college of medicine both nationally and internationally. This is not unrealistic as it embraces Imam Ali (pbuH) who is the door to the Prophet's knowledge. The college has strived to develop its curricula. Problem-solving has been suggested as a learning means. Medical experts congratulated the college for this accomplishment. This happiness is followed by an inquiry about the time of applying this method. The contemporary table for different branches at the same stage gathered students who scattered for a long time. This table was a bold step to approach term-based educational system. The specialized conferences were held by dermatology first and then by cardiology, digestive and gastrointestinal tracts, etc. These conferences were guidelines for others to gather specialized experts in one auditorium to discuss, consult and exchange knowledge and expertise. They became benchmarks for success and motivation among specialists and their mutual cooperation.College of Medicine realized that the process of evaluation through testing is an important means to change reality and the teaching method. This resulted in questioning medical cases in all branches, even in human sciences. Students' reactions were positive and they stated that this method creates real physicians. Step by step the branch of general surgery could succeed in applying a framed objective test, clinically known Auski. This test enabled .

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