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Faculty of medicine wins first place in the final results of the overall classification of the faculties of the University of Kufa for the academic year 2013/2014
Faculty of Medicine organized a meeting for the deans of the medical colleges at the University of Kufa, to discuss preparations for the establishment of the central graduation ceremony for graduate students
College of Medicine organizes a workshop on the latest developments in laparoscopic surgery of the uterus Under the supervision of professors from the Royal College
Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kufa receives Iraq's ambassador in Poland to discuss the prospects of cooperation with Polish universities
A member of the teaching staff at the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Yasser Al Ugaili gets a professorship title as the first title in the ear, nose and throat specialization
Faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa searches the mechanism of mutual scientific understanding with the University of Sydney, Australia
Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kufa, organized a meeting of leadership Committee for the Iraqi faculties of medicine accreditation
Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kufa, and in collaboration with the global (IMI) organization held a symposium on diseases associated with liaison psychiatry

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Faculty of Medicine in Kufa University receives a delegation of the Faculty of Medicine ,University of Dohuk to discuss the modern curriculum

Kufa Medicine Faculty received a delegation from Duhok Medicin Faculty ,  for the purpose of studying and discussing the application of the modern curriculum that are applied in our college and the possibility of applying the Leicester University curriculum as it is practiced in Kufa .

The delegation includes Dr. Qassim Hassou(the Dean of Dohuk Medicine Faculty); Dr. Mohammed Hazem Al-Dabbagh(the director of Medical Educational Unit) and the Chairman of Curriculum Change Committee. The Rapporteur of the Medical Education Unit at the Faculty of Medicine in Duhok and during their tour in the halls of small groups, said :"We have seen on the ground, the reality of the experience in Kufa College of Medicine which was the pioneer in changing its curricula, as well as the results that achieved in accordance with the local reality, Thus we appreciate the College cooperation represented by its Dean; the Director and the members of the Medical Education Unit in it for their great and unremitting efforts to help us in this area”.  Duhok College of Medicine presented its Private shield to the Deanship of our Faculty as an appreciation for their efforts in supporting modern education.

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