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A Discussion of PhD thesis

Dr. Baasim Abdul AL- Aali (a doctoral student from the Department of Physiology) was discussed about his thesis (the role of Red blood cell prevalence; thermal shock protein 60 and increased Toll-like receptor type 4 on coronary artery disease). The Discussion was held at the Department of Pathology Hall. The …

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A Discussion of Master Thesis

The Master student Reiam Fadhel Abdul Hadi from the Department of Physiology was discussed about her thesis which titled “The Role of Vitamin C as an antioxidant in patients with psoriasis before and after ultraviolet radiation, narrow beam therapy type -B-). The Discussion was held at Al-Sadiq Hall in the …

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Kufa College of Medicine concluded its volunteer campaign for early detection of breast cancer

This Year’s volunteer campaign ended with an awareness seminar for all female employees  of the university and on the (Continuing Education Hall) at the college of Science, after having initiated these awareness and educational seminars in all university faculties and centers three months ago, where more than 25 seminars were …

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An Exhibition of Scientific Poster

The Department of Physiology in Kufa College of Medicine held an exhibition to present and evaluate the scientific poster which presented by the students of the third stage within the optional model (physiological measurements). The Exhibition was attended by the President of the University , the Dean of the college, …

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