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Scientific activities

A Seminar at the Department of pharmacology

The Department held a seminar that entitled(Clinical Applications of Affibody) at the Hall of Department of Pharmacology by Assistant Prof. Hussein Abdul Kadhum, during which he discussed the clinical and research importance of the Affibodies as well as their promising therapeutic importance for the future of tumors, bacterial infections and …

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A Course entitled (Professional Behavior – Leader Doctor)

The Medical Education Unit, in collaboration with the Iraqi Medical Syndicate (General Center/Al-Najaf Division), organized this special course for the new graduates of the medical colleges from different Iraqi universities. The course was held at Imam Alsadiq Hall in the Deanship building. Assistant Professor Bassem  Al-Mudhaffar, the supervisor and trainer, …

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A PhD Discussion

The post graduate student, Negham Yehia Ghafel, from the department of Physiology, has discussed her thesis which titled (The Role of IL-18, IL-6 on Aggregation of Nasal Mucosal Eosinophils in The Patients with Allergic Rhinitis and Its Relation to Body Weight). The discussion took place at the Hall of the …

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A Discussion of PhD thesis

The post graduate student, Haider Farhan Salman, from the department of Biochemistry, has discussed his thesis which titled (The relationship of polymorphism of resistin and visfatin genes with type II diabetes mellitus in Iraqi population).The discussion took place at the Hall of the Department of Pathology. The researcher said that …

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Preparatory Session

Kufa College of Medicine held a preparatory session for the concerned departments from the Department of Health and the Hospitals in Najaf, for preparation of the extended seminar which is titled “Reducing maternal and child mortality in Najaf governorate”. The session was held in the Hall of the College Council; …

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