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Faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa holds its seventh scientific conference of neurosciences

Kufa College of Medicine and in cooperation with the Middle Euphrates Center for Neurosurgery in Najaf Health Department held the Seventh Scientific Conference of Neurosciences for two consecutive days., Dr. Haider Kazim Hassoon ( Chairman of Preparatory Committee of the Conference), said: ” the conference included morning and evening sessions …

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The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa, participates in a workshop that belongs to the bases of modern scientific curriculum

Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Saeed Abdul-Zahra has participated in a workshop which was established by the (College of Health and Medical Technology at The Middle Euphrates Technical University) in Kufa city. Dr. Abdul-Zahra said, “Our participation was an extended lecture which delivered to the staff of the Faculty of Health …

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A lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine/University of Kufa (Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Najem Al-Tamimi) issues a new book entitled “The Guide in medical examination of ultrasound”

Dr. Al-Tamimi has issued this new author and he said that the book deals (in a simple way) with the most important things that concerned with the examination of the ultrasound. The book consists of four chapters. The first chapter deals with the principles of the ultrasound examination from the …

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Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kufa hosts experts committees of the scientific specialization for both internal medicine and Pharmacology branches

The Faculty hosted the Chairman and members of the committees. The visit included holding the first meeting of the two committees to view the Scientific Articles offered to the students of Iraqi medical colleges. The Dean of the college (Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Saeed Abdul Zahra) ; the Director of …

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The assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa Dr. Hadi Abdul Hadi Al-Wakil receives the degree of Professorship

Dr. Hadi Abdul Hadi Al-Wakil received the title of Professor. He presented a talk on “Seashell disease and the new formation of blood vessels in the skin.” He presented a detailed explanation and the modern methods for conducting them. During the talk, Professor Mohsen Al-Dhalimi(University’s president) and the( Dean of …

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College of Medicine, University of Kufa hosts Professor Sulaiman Al-Khatib (The specialist in internal medicine in Birmingham, UK)

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Khatib, has been invited to the College and he gave talks on internal medicine at the medical education hall. The first session dealt with the (atrial fibrillation); the second, dealt with the (loss of consciousness among the elderly), while the third one which delivered at the Neuroscience Center, …

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