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Faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa holds its seventh scientific conference of neurosciences

Kufa College of Medicine and in cooperation with the Middle Euphrates Center for Neurosurgery in Najaf Health Department held the Seventh Scientific Conference of Neurosciences for two consecutive days., Dr. Haider Kazim Hassoon ( Chairman of Preparatory Committee of the Conference), said: ” the conference included morning and evening sessions …

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The assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa Dr. Hadi Abdul Hadi Al-Wakil receives the degree of Professorship

Dr. Hadi Abdul Hadi Al-Wakil received the title of Professor. He presented a talk on “Seashell disease and the new formation of blood vessels in the skin.” He presented a detailed explanation and the modern methods for conducting them. During the talk, Professor Mohsen Al-Dhalimi(University’s president) and the( Dean of …

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College of Medicine, University of Kufa hosts Professor Sulaiman Al-Khatib (The specialist in internal medicine in Birmingham, UK)

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Khatib, has been invited to the College and he gave talks on internal medicine at the medical education hall. The first session dealt with the (atrial fibrillation); the second, dealt with the (loss of consciousness among the elderly), while the third one which delivered at the Neuroscience Center, …

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College of Medicine at the University of Kufa hosts the Supreme Committee for Accreditation

The Committee held a meeting chaired by Assistant Professor Dr. Mohamed Saeed Abdul-Zahra to discuss the achievements of the Committee during the last period. During the meeting, Dr. Abdul-Zahra displayed the College of Medicine’s endeavor to establish this committee since five years ago and the accompanying meetings and scientific reports …

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AL-Kufa and Jaber Bin Hayyan Universities Hold the First International Surgical Forum Workshop on Obesity

In the presence of the President of Kufa University (Prof. Mohsen Al-Dhalimi and the President of Jaber Bin Hayyan Medical University (Dr. Ali Mahmoud Al-Sayegh) ,the two universities organized the first international surgical forum workshop on obesity operations in cooperation with the College of Medicine of Kufa and Najaf Health …

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