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A Discussion of PhD Thesis

Dr. Rawaa Hadi Shareef (a student from the department of Physiology) has discussed her thesis which titled (The Association between Iron Deficiency and Hearing loss in Adults Population). The Discussion was held at the Hall of the Department of Pathology. The researcher said that the aim of the study is to evaluate the effect of iron deficiency on the hearing and try to find the causes of this effect. The results of the study revealed that sensor neural hearing loss was the most common type followed by mixed type. Also, noted that the level of iron, ferritin and transferrin saturation were significantly decreasing (P<0.05) in patients compared with controls. In addition to that, the hearing loss was found to be more severing when low iron, Hemoglobin and ferritin were present. It also showed that hepcidin and C-reactive protein were significantly higher in patients in compares with the controls. The correlation analyses showed a significant positive correlation between hepcidin and C-RP, hepcidin and IL-6, ferritin and IL-6. On the other hand there was a negative correlation between iron and IL-6, age and body mass index. This study was conducted on 150 patients suffering from hearing loss and the same number was selected as controls but free from hearing loss through a period which extended from October 2017 to March 2018. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Sami Rahim Al-Katib and Prof. Dr. Yasser Laftah ALoqeily.

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