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The Laser Research Unit was established on March 2011 and began to receive the patients on October 2011. It is a therapeutic and research unit specialized in cosmetic surgery, dermatology and many medical devices.
The unit has gained a good reputation as the first research and therapeutic unit of its kind in the universities of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq. Dozens of scientific researchers have been initiated in the minutes of the Unit’s meetings and some of them have been published in relevant scientific journals. The Unit participated in the scientific conferences during this period and the members of the unit delivered the research and lectures in these conferences. The unit contributed actively to the reception of postgraduate students of the Iraqi and Arab Board in the specialties of dermatology and conduct graduate research within the unit. It also periodically receives students of the medical school in the first stage to familiarize them with the characteristics of lasers in medical education programs. The Unit visited several delegations and university professors from European, American and Arab countries and specialists in the field of laser from inside Iraq and expressed their admiration for the Unit’s work of research and treatment.
Our unit can be a nucleus for the establishment of a scientific and research center that includes laser devices covering all other specialties such as general surgery, eyes, nose, ear, throat and women’s diseases to keep pace with the great scientific development in these fields. The presidents who have succeeded in the presidency of the unit:
1 – Prof. AzarHadi Ali Malluki /Dermatologist / from 10/5/2011 to 3/2/2014
2 – Prof. Hadi Abed HadiAl-Wakeel / Dermatologist / from 3/2/2014 until now.
Spreading the culture of laser treatment according to the sound scientific basis.
Promoting scientific research in the field of laser and scientific relations with the corresponding international institutions.
Objectives :
1 – keep place with the development of therapeutic applications in the laser
2 – Conducting and encouraging scientific research in the field of laser applications
3 – Conducting scientific research in the field of laser and published in the global magazines
4. Providing therapeutic and cosmetic services to a wide segment of society
5 – The establishment of training courses for laser applications for dermatologists and cosmeticians and postgraduate students, which are specialized courses in dermatology and cosmetic, which included the theoretical and practical aspects and it is continuing in this. The future plans for such courses have been developed periodically to develop the skills of doctors specializing in skin and beauty in the treatment of many of diseases and the use of laser more in the field of cosmetics.
6 – Assisting graduate students (Iraqi and Arab Board) to skin diseases in conducting research and supplementing the requirements of their studies
7 – Practical training for the first stage (model) on the use of laser

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