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General Surgery

The Department of Surgery was established within the early years of Faculty of Medicine (1980-1981) and had gained a reputation as one of the leading surgical programs in the region and country. It embraces the vision and mission of the Faculty thought all activities. It is currently consists of ten sections (General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Ear-Nose-Throat Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Anesthesiology and Diagnostic Radiology). The Department is involved in the teaching and training of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Members of the department contribute integrally to the undergraduate education, by leading, organizing and /or participating in one or more of the modules (phase I) and blocks (phase II). Postgraduate studies are available in form of Higher Diploma (General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Diagnostic Radiology and Emergency Medicine). The Department is also a well-recognized training center for Iraqi Board of Medical Specialization and Arab Board of Health Specialties in different specialties and most of faculty members are involving directly in the training of, and supervision on the postgraduate residents in regional teaching hospitals. Because of their high degree of specialization, qualifications and technical prowess, our surgeons and members have integral role in providing high standards of health services in different hospitals and health centers in Al-Najaf governorate, with all members are actively engaged in the patients care and carrying out different kinds of common and advanced surgical operations and interventional procedures. The Department is continuously conducting clinical and experimental researches that aim to improve clinical practice and ultimately patients’ outcome.

The vision of Department of Surgery, in accordance with of that of the Faculty of Medicine, is to graduate life-long learner doctors, critical thinkers, enthusiastic scientists, who are competent in basic and essential surgical knowledge and skills and equipped with high level of professionalism and communication skills, to be excellent doctors in the community bypromoting innovative, high-quality patient care; to be engaged in cutting-edge research that enhances patient outcomes; and to contribute to the health of society.

The mission of Department of Surgery is to:
• Teach and train medical students with the highest level of professionalism in patient care and familiarize them with the specialty, giving them a competent basic and essential education in Surgery.
• Create aneducational atmosphere for lifelong learners in different surgical branches including clinical mentoring, hands-on training resources and practical sessions.
• Ensure that teaching members are highly qualified andeffective educators, through engagement in local and international professional workshops, courses and continuous professional development activities.
• Empowerpostgraduate studentswith the fundamentals for functioning successfully and safely as qualified specialists in different surgical branches and to be skillful researchers and critical appraisers.
• Emphasis on improving health quality and patient care using multidisciplinary approach in collaboration with other departments of the Faculty and regional teaching hospitals,

• To support the efforts of Faculty deanship, other departments and Medical Educational Unit to succeed in the implementation of all concepts of the current outcome-based curriculum.
• To continue to improve faculty members in Department of Surgery by providing balance between administrative know-how, leading-edge practice, superb teaching, and innovative research.
• To promote the growth and development of research programs which are integrated into surgical practice both in lines of cellular and molecular biology and clinical problem-solving.
• To encourage the development of interdisciplinary clinical, research, and teaching programs between divisions, departments, and colleges, and extending to other universities and organizations.

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