To whom it may concern :

  The biochemistry department is one of the most important departments in AL-Kufa medicine college. It recently achieves many wide steps forward by installing the new devices, purchasing many instruments and creating many new chemical approaches .

 Our staff carry out many tasks to help the students to be prepared for the next clinical years with hard work and great efforts . They do their best to arm the students with the necessary information about the chemical reactions in the intra and extra cellular compartment. Of  these tasks .

* Teaching the first year students organic, analytical and biochemistry . Given them
the opportunity to realizes the most significant compounds in clinical field.         

*Teaching the second years students the cell metabolism in general with many              special topics and hormones  

*Teaching the post graduate students(master degree) and supervising their thesis in         practical parts .

*Currently in 2010 the Ph.D degree will be available for those who willing to get the     higher education studies in biochemistry. 

*And many others.