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Iraq, Al Najaf Al Ashraf,
Kufa University,
Faculty of Medicine.        Phone 00964 7704537524
E-mail shak77a
Name Shaymaa Abdul Lteef Alfadhul
Education        [Oct.2005-Oct.2007]    Faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa    Najaf, Iraq.
MSc. Medical microbiology
"        Master degree in medical microbiology.
[Oct.1995 _ Jul.2001]                                                                  Najaf, Iraq.
"        Student in the faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa.
"        Graduated from the first rank among my colleagues.
Languages        Arabic, English
Work experience        [Fabraury 2008 _ till now]   Faculty of Medicine/ University of Kufa           Najaf, Iraq.
Assistant Teacher
"        Assistant teacher in department of microbiology.
[Oct. 2002 _ Oct. 2004]       Al Najaf health directorate        Najaf, Iraq.
Resident Doctor
"        Intern residency among the hospitals of the directorate.
Extracurricular activities        Attendance and lecturer in quality & accreditation unit.
Attendance and lecturer in scientific medical symposiums.
Coordinator in the quality & accreditation unit.
Professional memberships        Iraqi medical society.

Volunteer experience        Share in treating and managing of patients in rural areas in Najaf.


I hope for the information presented here to helpful and enjoyable for you.
- Dr. Shaymaa
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